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White Hexagon Tile Wall

Shapes and colors are the easiest ways to evoke big ideas and feelings. For example, the simple white hexagon tile pattern in this room evokes the sense of 1950s modernity, which has become a timeless style. The combination of dark and light colors, seen in the contrast of the wall and table, continue to flesh…

Black Granite-Look Ceramic Tile Slabs

The gorgeous look of granite but at a fraction of the price — that’s the benefit of using ceramic tile. Nearly seamless in its design, this dark granite tile flows across the room, with minimal grout spaces in between to create a constant flow across the floor. This shade of tile is ideal for reflecting…

Black Granite-Look Tile Slabs

You are forgiven for mistaking this beautiful floor for granite slabs, a testament to how identical this beautiful ceramic tile looks. As an added bonus, tile is less expensive than costly granite floors and is easy to maintain and clean. Ceramic tile’s scratch-resistant surface also means that this bold design choice won’t show scratches or…

Ceramic Tile Slabs With a Hexagon Pattern

Ceramic tile slabs are highly versatile, letting you pick the perfect shade, color, and design for your personal project. Tile is also easy to maintain, making it an ideal option for large areas that see heavy foot traffic, such as floors, walls, outdoor spaces, and even ceilings in public buildings and galleries.

Gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs on a dining room floor

Gray Ceramic Tile With a Petrified Wood Look

Get the beautiful look of wood any way you want it with ceramic tile. This gorgeous gray wood grain resembles petrified wood, an expensive material to use across the floor of your living room! Instead, many homeowners use tile slabs like these. Ceramic tile is incredibly durable and resistant to scuffs and scratches, as well…

Minimalistic Wood-Look Kitchen Tile

Open-concept kitchens look beautiful when done correctly. To pull off this look, homeowners need to maintain consistency across the space. With rare or expensive materials, this can be difficult to pull off. With tile, designers can take nearly any look the homeowner wants and bring it to their home. This stunning wood-look tile breathes life…

Gray Wood-Look Ceramic Tile

When you have a new dining room and kitchen to show off, this gray wood-look ceramic tile shines brightly, carrying natural light across the room. At night, your indoor lighting will show off some of the subtle intricacies of this design. Families that have had wood floors before know that they can be damaged from…

Uniquely Patterned Ceramic Tile Slabs

For a business with a personal touch, ceramic tile is a safe, clean, and durable option. Ceramic tile can be made specifically to the size you want with a custom style, color, and pattern. Ideas aren’t just restricted to single tiles. Like a modern mosaic, use tiles to tell a bigger story, with the different…

Unique Ceramic Tile for Your Office

Design the ultimate personal or business space exclusively with tile! Combined with the grays and browns in the room, the concrete-look ceramic tile flooring gives this office an industrial feel, which is completed by the personalized tile fireplace surround.

Custom-Designed Ceramic Tile Slabs

At first glance, the only noticeable tile in this room is the floor. The large tile slabs are perfect for furniture with metal legs, since ceramic tile is a highly durable material. Tile is also low-maintenance and water-, mildew-, and bacteria-resistant, ideal for lounges like this that are likely to have heavy foot traffic and…

Marble-Look Tile Slab Flooring

Get the personalized touch you want in your wet bar with ceramic tile. The slabs that make up the floor and the bar look like marble, but are actually tile. Tile is a more functional alternative to materials such as marble, and thanks to tile’s long lifespan and easy maintenance, these slabs will look great…

Marble-Look Tile Floor and Tile Slab Wall With a Leaf Pattern

Bring peace and relaxation into your home with tile. Bathrooms — which are subject to daily moisture — have taken advantage of tile’s water-resistant nature for years. Designers can now customize tile more than ever. The wall and floor in this bathroom are a marble-look tile that flows continuously across the room. The back wall,…

Modern Hexagon Floor Tiles and Tile Wall Panels

Get that perfect modern look in your home with tile. Ceramic tile is highly customizable and versatile, making it an ideal material for floors and walls. The ceramic flooring in this room is a combination of black and white tiles with the white accentuating the black hexagons. Because tile is a durable material, the metal…

Zigzag Ceramic Tile Mosaic

Turn something basic into something extraordinary with ceramic tile. The zigzag pattern on this corner transforms the wall into a piece of art. The longer you look at this pattern, the more you find to appreciate.

Textured Concrete-Look Tile

As gray tones continue to trend in commercial industrial decor, designers have been embracing the industrial look and applying it to home decor. These soft gray ceramic tiles emulate a rough concrete look, yet the color and texture pattern has a warm vibe that breaks up a long, monotonous slab. This shade of gray also…

Stylish Kitchen Island Tile

This kitchen island puts the versatility of ceramic tile on full display. Beyond the usefulness of having waterproof, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean surfaces in the kitchen, tile makes up the majority of the aesthetic here. The backsplash and island are the most obvious uses of tile, both of which are designed to resist wear and tear…

Colorful and Iridescent Tile Mosaic

A unique tile mosaic is sure to have your guests talking. Versatile in size, style, and design, tile is the perfect material for jaw-dropping displays, such as this iridescent mosaic. Mosaics are popular for backsplashes in both the kitchen and the bathroom, but are also trending as a beautiful option for feature walls and fireplace…

Outdoor Iridescent Mosaic Tile

For truly stunning outdoor designs, tile provides options that are both visually beautiful and durable through freeze-thaw cycles to withstand any climate. Tile won’t fade in the sun and is resistant to water, mildew, mold, and bacteria, so it’s safe to water these plants without risking any damage to the tile.

Unique Bathroom Tile Mosaics

Tile pairs beautifully with tile, as proven by this eloquent bathroom. A traditional tile pattern is used on the walls to protect them from water damage, and an intricate pattern of tiles is used as a feature behind the sinks. Tile comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, letting you experiment with your…

Textured Brickwork Tile Mosaic in Blue Tones

Tile is available in an endless combination of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors to fit your every decor need. Thought tile was just for showers? Beautiful tile designs like this make tile a unique surface choice for every room of your home — from floors to walls, and even the ceiling!