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Herringbone Marble Look

Grand splendor welcomes each visitor with this herringbone pattern ceramic tile with a marble face. Corinthian pillars combine with billowing fabric, custom ironwork, and butter-mint pastel furnishings to create a promise of opulent luxury supported by this exquisite classic tile design. Hospitality managers will understand they are providing not only a serene space but one…

Marble Look Wall

The chevron tile layout of these weathered wood ceramic planks makes a great neighbor for the marble look of the wall tile. Yes, tile on walls… and when you stay in the same neighborhood of common shapes or colors (as in this example), your surfaces are sure to get along. Two maintenance-friendly choices that will…

Patterned Marble Hexagon Tiles

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, with personal touches that show off your interests. This room has personality to spare, with feminine grace and a romantic flair. Marble-look ceramic tile hexagons with a filigree design provide the gorgeous backdrop for well-loved items. Today’s ceramic tile has an almost endless variety of…