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Living room with black marble-look tile flooring

Black Granite-Look Ceramic Tile Floor

Dark floors can be tricky to pull off, and not just because of the sharp contrast in colors. Whenever a darker shade is used, scuffs and scratches are accentuated. Ceramic tile, however, is scratch-resistant, taking away the fear of having long-term, glaring damage. The tiles in this room blend together seamlessly to give the appearance…

Minimalistic Wood-Look Kitchen Tile

Open-concept kitchens look beautiful when done correctly. To pull off this look, homeowners need to maintain consistency across the space. With rare or expensive materials, this can be difficult to pull off. With tile, designers can take nearly any look the homeowner wants and bring it to their home. This stunning wood-look tile breathes life…

Gray Wood-Look Ceramic Tile

When you have a new dining room and kitchen to show off, this gray wood-look ceramic tile shines brightly, carrying natural light across the room. At night, your indoor lighting will show off some of the subtle intricacies of this design. Families that have had wood floors before know that they can be damaged from…

Uniquely Patterned Ceramic Tile Slabs

For a business with a personal touch, ceramic tile is a safe, clean, and durable option. Ceramic tile can be made specifically to the size you want with a custom style, color, and pattern. Ideas aren’t just restricted to single tiles. Like a modern mosaic, use tiles to tell a bigger story, with the different…