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Redbird Restaurant’s Ebony Ceramic Tile Floor

Housed in the rectory of a 19th century cathedral, this restaurant retains much of the vibe of its former self. Ceramic tile flooring in ebony gives the otherwise ethereal space a grounded feeling. Ceramic tile is inherently strong and durable, with a finish that can survive many years of foot traffic. The fire-hardened surface is…

Cheerful Starred Bathroom Tile Flooring

Star gazing just took on a whole new meaning. It’s a vintage vibe using the latest in manufacturing technology — these simple square tiles form a mosaic pattern based on how the installer arranges them. Any simple decor lets this cheerful pattern shine through as the star attraction or build upon the design motif for…


A great stylist keeps customers coming back and it’s a great design that makes them feel welcomed, attractive, and a cut above. Here, a statement deco tile adds personality to the space, with a vintage feel and jewel-toned color scheme. Ceramic tile is extremely durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Clippings and dyes are…


That darling bistro down the street can be the inspiration for our own homes. Take this example, either the floor or wall ceramic tile choices would work perfectly in a kitchen or bathroom. Ceramic tile’s resistance to heat, moisture, scratches, and mold make it a beautiful and durable hypoallergenic choice for any room. Infinite combinations…


When your flooring choice is a masterpiece itself—ceramic tile can support both the elegant look of public spaces such as art galleries but also the easy maintenance, durability, and efficiency public spaces demand. The large panel size and marble tones of this ceramic tile will serve for decades to showcase treasures while keeping countless visitors…

Blue and Green Mosaic Backsplash

Every kitchen deserves a look that’s eye-catching, but decor in a kitchen must also be functional. This backsplash rises to the occasion with blue-toned mosaic tiles in a hexagon design that pops right off the walls. Its allure may be slightly distracting while you’re cooking dinner, but no worries — ceramic tile’s waterproof installation methods…