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Gray and White Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Ceramic tile patterns have been around for hundreds of years, ranging from simple designs to complex mosaics. Even something as simple as hexagons add depth to what would otherwise be a normal kitchen. Ceramic tile has always been a popular option for backsplashes, and adding a little flare with a design gives your kitchen more…

Uniquely Patterned Ceramic Tile Slabs

For a business with a personal touch, ceramic tile is a safe, clean, and durable option. Ceramic tile can be made specifically to the size you want with a custom style, color, and pattern. Ideas aren’t just restricted to single tiles. Like a modern mosaic, use tiles to tell a bigger story, with the different…

Sea Green and Brown Tile Mosaic

Because of its durability, versatility, and style, tile has been a popular material for homes for thousands of years. Mosaic tile is often used in homes today, as it is in this bathroom. With a combination of sea green and brown tiles, a complex mosaic is formed around the bath. While these tiles are small,…

White and Gray Textured Herringbone Tile

Say goodbye to boring, allergy-inducing lobby carpet — ceramic tile is the new go-to option. This alternating white and gray herringbone pattern is much more interesting, and even has a carpet-like texture. Unlike carpet, however, tile has an impervious, fire-hardened surface that won’t trap allergens or bacteria, stain, get water damage, or give off smoke…